Best Available Semi Automatic Coffee Machine For Commercial Use

What is the best available semi automatic coffee machine for commercial use in India?

If you are looking for review and specs of the best semi automatic coffee machine on the internet, then your search ends here. We bring you the detailed review and special features of the Best Bunn coffee makers in the market. Bunn GRX-W Barista espresso machine is an award winning coffee maker that is equipped with great modern features. Let’s take a look at some of its amazing features as well as essential pros and cons which will help you in deciding whether you want to buy it or not.

Bunn GRX-W Barista Espresso Machine Review

Just like all of the best Bunn coffee makers, the GRX-W comes with a lot of important features and you can check them out below.

best bunn coffee maker

Conical Burr Grinder

It is built using stainless steel, conical Burr grinder capable to extract all the flavors from coffee beans. It has specialized grinder settings that allows you to make very fine to coarse grinds. There is also an option to choose the amount of ground beans that can be added automatically with 54 millimeter stainless steel portafilter into the filter basket.

Bean Hopper

Bunn GRX-W Barista espresso machine comes with bean hopper that can hold up to half pound of coffee beans. The in built locking system allows you to transfer, Remove and store coffee beans in the machine. To the side of semi automatic espresso machine is a 54 millimeter tamper with a built in magnet.

Large Capacity Water Tank

It has a large capacity water tank that can store 67 fluid ounces and the machine is capable of making 10 cups of coffee. The water tanker features 1400 watt thermocoil heating system that enables you to program espresso pressure and also control the water temperature. You will also find an auto splurge system that gets activated after the steam is released to adjust the water temperature. Keurig coffee makers have the better tank capacity. You can check out this roundup of best keurig coffee models if you are planning to purchase one.

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Automatic Reminders

One of the promising features of this espresso machine is its automatic reminder system. There is a “clean me light” that notifies a user to clean the entire system with an inclusive clean kit. The “empty me” light indicator for the front drip tray indicates you when the tray gets full. This ensures that you don’t have to hassle over the cleanliness of the machine.

Pre-Infusion Function

This semi automatic espresso machine is widely regarded as one of the best bunn coffee makers and isequipped with pre infusion function that expands the water beans even at low temperature to produce complete extraction when water reaches high temperature. You will also find four filters including single and dual walled basket.

Pros of Bunn GRX-W Barista Espresso Machine

  • This espresso machine has built in Proportional integral derivative temperature control that maintains the accurate brew water temperature
  • It comes with infusion gauge that notifies the consumers about the need to adjust the grind, tamp and amount of coffee.
  • The company promises a great after sale services which are essential for commercial coffee machines.
  • The product comes with 3 year manufacturing warranty.

Cons of Bunn GRX-W Barista Espresso Machine

  • The only drawback of this espresso machine is that it can create mess sometimes while you are using it.

The Last Words

Bunn GRX-W Barista espresso machine has received amazing reviews from the consumers most of which are commercial users. Its top notch features and advanced technology sets the bar high for other competitors in the market as well. If you are a regular coffee drinker or intends to open a cafe then Bunn GRX-W Barista espresso machine is among the best Bunn coffee makers you can buy for commercial use in India.…